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The long-running disputes between the London Mining Company, African Minerals Ltd. (A.M.L.) and the Government of Sierra Leone (G.o.S.L.) were resolved amicably in a meeting at the Sierra Leone High Commission in London on Aug. 20. Under the able chairmanship of the minister of Mineral Resources and Political Affairs, Hon. Alhaji Alpha Bakarr Said Kanu, the parties reached a milestone consensus. "We are delighted that this misunderstanding has now been resolved and both our companies are fully committed to the development of the iron ore industry in Sierra Leone," Kan ... Read more »

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TOKYO -- The election victory of Japan's main opposition party will bring many new faces to a long-staid political scene, a change that will give considerable clout to a familiar figure: Ichiro Ozawa, who led the party until May and helped to orchestrate its rise.

The Democratic Party of Japan captured the lower house of parliament Sunday in part because of the strategies of M ... Read more »

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The main opposition party in India, the Bharatiya Janata Party (B.J.P.), besides struggling to come out of the shock of defeat in recent general elections, is now facing another problem. The Party called a three-day "chintan baithak" (brainstorming session) in the hill station of Shimla to discuss the causes of defeat in the general elections and plan future strategy. The discussion on the causes of defeat was yet to start when, on the very first day of the session, Party President Rajnath Singh announced a decision of the party's parliamentary board to the media. He dec ... Read more »

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Hamas' attack against a jihadist group inside Gaza is about to provide the Palestinian Islamist organization an opportunity to become a mainstream movement, accepted internationally as a partner in negotiations. Or at least that is what Hamas strategists think may happen as a result of crushing the minuscule militant entity known as Jund Ansar Allah (The Soldiers or the Partisans of Allah) last week. This is another murky development in the world of jihadism, where the biggest forces in holy war devour the little ones in a battle to achieve victory over the Kuffar (infi ... Read more »

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Arms control went out of fashion several years ago. We can already see negative consequences of this neglect, but still more serious problems loom ahead. If we stay on our current course, international agreements are likely to erode further, with tensions rising and military spending increasing.

So what happened to arms control? To start with, one of the majo ... Read more »

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The biological father of kidnap victim Jaycee Lee Dugard said he wants to kill the sicko who held her captive for 18 years.

... Read more »

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Superior Court of Los Angeles was sentenced on Monday, August 31, the fashion designer of Indian origin Anand Jon Alexander (Anand Jon Alexander) to life imprisonment for sexual harassment.Minimum period that Alexander must serve in prison is 59 years. This was on Tuesday reported Associated Press.

... Read more »

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In Yekaterinburg, 425 children could not go to school because of influenza H1N1, reports RIA Novosti. According to head of department of control over the conditions of education and training of regional management Rospotrebnadzor Natalia Moiseeva, children returning from countries with unfavorable epidemic situation on t ... Read more »

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Videoservice YouTube, a division of Google, negotiates with major Hollywood studios about the possibility of providing users with the latest movies for rental. This is with reference to sources familiar with the negotiations, said Wednesday the agencyAssociated Press.

According to sources, the parties have not agreed on prices and agree ... Read more »

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The French Army ordered a batch of 332 armored personnel carriers VBCI production joint venture, Renault Trucks Defense, AB Volvo and the French state companies are the Nexter Systems. As reported by Dow Jones, stated by the Ministry of Defense of France.

In the country's Defense Ministry reported that the ... Read more »

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The Supreme Court of Berlin-known law enforcement authorities allowed Islamists, a native of Egypt Rhode Seyam (Reda Seyam) called his four sons named Jihad, said the publication Bild.

One of the meanings of the word "jihad", which takes place from the verb "jihad" - his efforts - is the armed struggle of Muslims for their faith against the infidels. In Germany, the pejorative connotation of the word received after the events of September 2001 in the United States.

... Read more »

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Productivity in the U.S. in the second quarter of 2009 increased by 6,6 percent in annual terms, which is a record in the third quarter of 2003. This is stated in the officialpress release, U.S. Department of Labor.

Earlier in the Ministry of Labor reported that productivity in th ... Read more »

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The rate of Russia's gas transit through Ukraine from January 1, 2010 will be increased by 65-70 percent, depending on what will be the price of oil. This statement was made by Ukrainian Prime MinisterYulia Tymoshenko, reports the agency ... Read more »

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Almost 24-hour search operation ended with the Indian authorities, the discovery of remnants of the missing Bell 430 helicopter, carrying the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Radzhashekhar Reddy (Rajashekhar Reddy), informs Associated Press.

Discovered the bodies of all five passengers crashed helicopter. The sear ... Read more »

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Government of Krasnoyarsk begun collecting applications for the competition to assess the shares owned by the region.According to the newspaper Kommersant,so the authorities began to prepare for the resumption pledge auctions at the regional level.

According to the chairman of the Government of Krasnoyarsk Terri ... Read more »

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Her captor and rapist from California gave free advice to protect children, wrote San Jose Mercury News. Garrido Phillip (Phillip Craig Garrido), stole the 11-year-old schoolgirl, holding her captive 18 years, produces in its own printing company business cards for Gomes Janice (Janice Gomes) - a psychologist and expert on child safety - and at the same time shared with her qualified opinions.

Gomez has a long experience in dealing with criminals but Garrido any suspicions she had not called.  ... Read more »

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In RuNet recently appeared weird news about robots, which for some reason he had been taught to deceive each other. Find themselves at the trough, the excessively developed robots learned to not signal lamp that found food - in order (of course) got himself more. The essence of this news (or rather, old), its, so to speak, Tzimes was in that part of the robot (about 10%) have never been able to master the art of lying and remained "altruistic", that is, outsiders and technological progress.

Even more amusing experiment with "robots" (or rather with electronic modelkami living "inside" the program, but the essence remains the same) was conducted several decades ago. He lay in the fact that "e-men" which gave the opportunity to calculate the intentions of others. These "reflection" could be a different order. More developed "special" might as well know that and they i ... Read more »
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Russia has formally acknowledged plans for the first time deliveries to Syria of the Party of fighter-interceptor MiG-31E, wrote Kommersant.Said head of the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) Alexei Fedorov.The contract was signed in 2007, but has not yet entered into force.Negotiations on the supply continues. Through this transaction in the KLA expects to stabilize the situation in OJSC "Nizhny Novgorod Aircraft Building Plant" Sokol ", which is modernizing machines commissioned by Rosoboronexport. Earlier, Russia categorically denied that there are plans to supply Syria MiG-31, RSK MiG stated that such a contract does not exist. Subsequently, Syria denied these allegations.

Syria was one of the countries that the United States listed as an "axis of evil" - a regime that, according to Washington, sponsor of terrorism. First, President George W. B ... Read more »
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Before the owners of laptops are often a problem of confidentiality of information located therein. Leaks of sensitive data from stolen or simply forgotten careless officials notebooks have long been commonplace.In this situation, the Japanese company Fujitsu has decided, on the one hand, protect the interests of owners of expensive equipment, but on the other - make sure no innocent citizens, the details of which can "leak" along with thieves prey. She introduced the technology Advanced Theft Protection, protects both laptops and data stored in them.As stated in a press release the company, its new solution will allow owners to remotely lock a stolen laptop or a lost device, making it useless for who has found. Built-in notebook technology provides strong encryption of data, so even dismantling the laptop apart, attackers will not be able to satisfy his cu ... Read more »
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Sony Corporation of Japan announced that by the end of 2010 it intends to run in the sale of three-dimensional device. According to CEO Howard Stringer, 3D-technology from Sony is not limited to television, but will also be used in laptops, game consoles and Blu-Ray players."Three-dimensional video is clearly on the way to the mass market. As in the case of high-definition devices a few years ago, a number of issues remain to be resolved. But 3D-train stands in the way, and we at Sony willing to manage it," - said Stringer .Development in recent years the sector of three-dimensional video promises revolutionary changes in industry-wide consumer electronics. Manufacturers are trying to film production and to keep abreast of trends and are gradually moving towards the creation of 3D-films.On this topicYoutube video shows a three-dimensionalEurope moves to 3D-CinemaNews ... Read more »
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