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A baby woolly mammoth, frozen in soil for 40,000 years in Siberia, was so well preserved that traces of her mother's milk were still in her stomach.

Lyuba, who was thought to be just one month old, was discovered three years ago when nomadic reindeer dug her up. Scientists believe she died after being sucked into a river bed. Mud was found in her trunk and throat, suggesting she had suffocated.

The body is preserved enough to provide DNA samples, but the prospect of cloning the creature is still a long way off. Researchers found the animals' hump acted like a furnace, which helped maintain body temperature during colder weather. This supports the theory that mammoths were born in early spring.

Lyuba is being transported to Chicago to be exhibited in the ... Read more »

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Fish that generate electric fields to navigate, fight and attract mates are equipped with a dimmer switch of sorts that can turn down their signals to save energy, a new study finds.

Electric fish, such as some sharks and eels, emit weak electrical signals from a battery-like organ in their tails. The fish studied, called Sternopygus macrurus, are active at night and must avoid predators, such as catfish, that can sense their electric field.

Generating such impulses can be energetically costly.

Now, researchers have located a dimmer switch in the membranes of cells called electrocytes within this electric organ. The switch takes the form of sodium channels that the fish can insert and remove from the electrocyte membranes. More sodium channels mean a stronger electric impulse.

... Read more »
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A NASA spacecraft is closing in on Mercury to snap pictures of uncharted territory Tuesday when it whips around the planet for the final time.

The Messenger probe will skim just 142 miles above Mercury at its closest approach during the flyby, the last of three designed to guide the spacecraft into orbit around the planet in 2011. More than 1,500 photographs of Mercury are expected to be taken, some of regions never before observed up close.

"A planetary flyby is really like Christmas morning for scientists," said Messenger principal investigator Sean Solomon of the Carnegie Institution of Washington. "We expect to be surprised and we expect to be delighted."

On Sunday, Messenger snapped a ... Read more »

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NEW YORK — CNN is coming out with an iPhone application Tuesday that has a feature few other news apps have tried: a price tag.

There's been a lot of talk this year about finally charging readers for news, especially on mobile devices, where media executives see a chance to condition consumers to handing over a few dollars for a constant stream of updates to their pocket. CNN is among the first big news outlets to give it a shot. Its app costs $1.99 to download.

The new app follows an announcement this month by News Corp. Chairman Rupert Murdoch that the company will start charging a subscription — possibly as much as $1 or $2 per week — for access to The Wall Street Journal's mobile applications.

Even so, CNN is in relatively new territory as a provider of general interest news. Many in the industry are skeptical that readers will pay for much online beyond business and fina ... Read more »

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REDMOND, Wash. — Microsoft Corp. says its new computer security program can be downloaded starting on Tuesday.

Microsoft Security Essentials, as the free antivirus software is called, has been available in a beta test version since June.

The software updates daily to stay current with the latest malicious programs, which can steal passwords or turn PCs into spam servers. Microsoft says it won't make computers run slower.

Microsoft has said it isn't out to steal business from companies like McAfee Inc. and Symantec Corp., which make popular antivirus programs with more features. Microsoft says it hopes the free program will appeal to people who don't already run antivirus software.

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BRUSSELS — Turn it down. That's the advice the European Union wants to hear from the makers of digital music players.

It wants those companies to adopt new standards aimed at preserving the hearing of the people who listen to music on those devices.

The EU's consumer affairs commissioner says people who want to still be able to enjoy their favorite songs 20 or 30 years from now should listen to them at a lower volume now. She says there's concern over the health risks of turning the volume too high, especially among younger people.

An EU scientific advisory body says between 2.5 million and 10 million Europeans could suffer hearing loss from listening to MP3 players at unsafe volumes — meaning a volume over 89 decibels — for more an hour a day for at least five years.

The new standards would see new players include a maximum sound level default at 80 decibels. H ... Read more »

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A skull long believed to be that of Adolf Hitler actually belonged to a woman, according to an American scientist who has taken DNA samples from it.

The skull was taken by Soviet forces in 1945 when they found charred remains outside the Nazi dictator's bunker in Berlin.

The Russians said at the time that the findings backed claims that Hitler had shot himself on April 30, 1945, and then been cremated along with his wife, Eva Braun.

Now, however, archaeologist and bone specialist Nick Bellantoni says the skull really belonged to a woman aged under 40 and not Hitler - who was 56 when he died.

Neither does Mr Bellantoni believe the skull belongs to Braun, Hitler's long-time girlfriend and last-minute wife, who is thought to have killed herself by taking cyanide and would therefore not have had a bullet wound - as this skull has.

The Russians say they ... Read more »

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