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Yanukovych won majority in parliament
Daily and almost without emotion Parliament voted to change the Constitution, which legalized the powers of the deputies for two years. Now the next parliamentary elections scheduled for October 28, 2012, and the first round of presidential elections - March 29, 2015, if the policy will not be accidents. Opening session of the parliament showed its attention Viktor Yanukovych. Expressing his overtures to his address, Speaker Volodymyr Lytvyn too tried like sovereignty. - Reforms say all (...) But tell me: who suggested active, including mizkovu work to take the country from the predicament? Who actually proposed and outlined his vision of reform and urges the implementation is not simple transformations? President Viktor Yanukovych! Lytvyn originally protraktuvav behavior of those who question the application of power: - In general, criticism - a slave habit. And according appeals to Ukraine to build a paradise rotating hell! Obviously, by this logic, Lytvyn zeal of the authorities is a sure sign of a free man ... If parliament has voted to change the Constitution, according to the current edition of the parliament elections were held two months later. Lytvyn For this scenario was disastrous, because the background of falling ratings of the speaker with his People's Party not coming in the new parliament. Confidence that exists in the hall of 300 votes was not until the last moment. Therefore responsible for the Party of Regions had vydzvonyuvaty all that were in range - the same Serhiy Holovaty, who took his card with the total breakup "mutual aid funds. Holovaty is their badge with them after it benefited in April 2010, the day of ratification of the agreements Kharkov, when he was deputy in Strasbourg and ran to the European Court of Human Rights. This double game impressed Europeans, and Holowaty never obravsya the position of their dreams. The fact that with dead souls, but constitutional amendments were approved, a victory in the local internal war Andrei Klyuyev that meets in the new government to ensure that deputies went to the fryer. When all the first person gone, Klyuev stayed in Lytvyn to discuss future plans. The effective voting Klyuyev adds one point in the race for prime minister. Hot on the heels Klyuyev role in the formation of 300 votes, said his subordinate Michael Brodsky in his blog : "Heavy, professyonalnыy perehovornыy went the way Andriy Klyuev. During the work in parliament, I have a lot of time in uchastvoval slozhnыh negotiations bolshynstva organization. This is, turn, trudnыy Submit search process of compromise. And it does not always communicate with pryhodytsya pryyatnыmy people. " Yanukovych at the opening session. Photo Press Office With the adoption of constitutional amendments voted 310 deputies. However, it is clear that physically was not in Room 300 deputies from among those whose vote was counted in favor. In particular, traditionally have not been Rinat Akhmetov, who for seven sessions of the convening of parliament attended only one meeting - when the signed oath. Also missing were all members of the immediate environment Akhmetov - Kyi, Maltsev, Chertkov, Arkallayev. In addition, there was the legendary George Ivanyuschenka known as George Yenakiyevo. There were no workers, whose card also voted - Vasilyev, Salamatin, jig, Illyashov, Kaletnik. Already listed only those names is enough to number of people who were physically in the room and voted for, reduced to 299. Vote for other MP is prohibited by law. Since the formal infringement procedure in making the Constitution have been the reason for the cancellation of political reform in 2004, is pressing for missing members is the same reason to challenge the vote February 1, 2011. In addition, the deputy Vladimir Arena said that his vote had been rigged. On Tuesday evening, Ram peredzvonyv to "Ukrainian Truth" from Washington and said that when the vote was on an airplane, and his card - with him. As proof, he forwarded a photo of the card in hand, made against the background of the terminal airline Delta. Vladimir Arena in Washington with his own card Among the 310 MPs who pressed for, was seven Byutovtsy that on the same day were excluded from the faction. In each case, why is another story. So, Oleg Babayev, who was elected mayor of Kremenchug, a worker had lost the mandate. He did after winning in local elections left the Fatherland Party. Therefore, his stay in the ranks of YTB somehow coming to an end. John Kurowski - owner of a large company Zhilstroy and power without the support of the business is doomed to death. Most scandalous object of the builder - the October ground near a hospital in Kiev. And here is just fate suddenly "turned his face to Kurowski - late last year the Supreme Economic Court, after repeated adverse decisions in various instances, and took again allowed to settle there Kurowski 17 typoverhivku. "For" also voted Dj Ruslan, who last year called one of the three figurants pedofilnoho scandal. Tymoshenko was a surprise to vote Pavlo Movchan, who is chairman of the company "Enlightenment". Expected was to support the decision by the godfather of the Tender Chamber Anton Yatsenko - since a long time rumors of a possible violation of the criminal case against him and the decision Yatsenko ride tough times on the hospital. But especially unpleasant for Tymoshenko had to vote and Viktor Pavlenko Anatoly Seminogi. Pavlenko, although considered to be close to Nicholas Bahrayeva, but after this the main drift towards the showman YTB power, he continued to vote in sync with the faction. Pavlenko was also producer of the last congress of the opposition Motherland. " The current decision to vote for amendments to the Constitution, according to sources in YTB, Pavlenko received after visiting the General Prosecutor's Office within one of the criminal cases. The same problems that have arisen in Anatolia Seminogi brother with the police, the reasons supporting his government. This loss - especially for Tymoshenko. Seminoga not just a long time the head organization of the party "Rodina" in Kiev - one of the outposts Tymoshenko, which now have to fill staff vacancy. He - personally close to the leader says. Among the deputies by PSD authority voted to extend more than half of the faction - 41 deputies, among them - defectors from informal groups Zhvania, Kostenko, Baloga. Finally turned on the profanity opposition government, when the pros voted Shadow Deputy Prime Ministers "and" ministers "Karmazin, Stretovich and Moskal. In addition, "for" pushed the button Kaskiv, which is included in group Sergei Liovochkin, and faction leader Mykola Martynenko, who now puts on Yatsenyuk. Yatsenyuk himself, who was interested in early elections, pressed against. Also voted "against" Vyacheslav Kirilenko, although the postponement of elections creates time of the merger on the right flank. Ukrainian Vyacheslav Kirilenko said the truth, that in preparation for the parliamentary campaign scheduled unifying congress to create a single party to be comprised of the Front for Change, "for Ukraine" and "Cathedral." The main motives nasheukraintsev was aware that the parliamentary election chances pereobratisya they are minimal - and so continue the work of the Supreme Council would guarantee them at least half a year in the status of deputies. ... Immediately after the vote on constitutional amendments on the third floor of Parliament was photographing new deputy Igor Rybakov, which he gathered from the number of defectors, but has not formally introduced. Future "faction carcasses" in full At the meeting, "carcasses" came 17 deputies, most of them expelled from the Tymoshenko bloc for their cooperation with authorities. Also, this unit came to John and Ivy Chornovil. Officially Rybakov group is not disclosed because he wants to get into its structure and exceed 21 MP-largest faction of the Lytvyn. So yesterday's defectors, who were legalized, including the participation of the very Lytvyn today benefit from the ephemeral "golden share". This - final logical for the speaker, who tried to outwit all but in the end remains in office only because of the good will bank. After all, in addition Lytvyn no longer protected by parliamentary rules, and his resignation will not need to gather a quorum of 300 votes. Given these circumstances, the near future to address Yanukovych can expect new panegyrics of the Speaker, who is not all politics pathos boasted its independence.
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