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With the presidential shoulder
Do you ever wonder what happened to the cars that served Viktor Yushchenko during his presidency? And we are not interested - until recently we saw one of them parked in front of Parliament. Since this all started and ...On the anniversary of the election of President Viktor Yushchenko in 2006, his staff decided to make a "gift".Yushchenko was not enough armored Mercedes, which he served. Therefore, the presidential fleet decided to add a car brand Range Rover.According to sources, the state enterprise Ukrspetsexport, which specializes in the sale of weapons purchased for the president of two absolutely identical, off Range Rover Vogue, which are then placed on the balance of the State Administration.Later, during the scandal of arms sales to Georgia, Member of regions even said Valery Konovalyuk alternative version of the origin of these cars - it is claimed that the silver jeeps Yushchenko presented a token of appreciation received by President Saakashvili's military equipment.Yushchenko, as president, regularly used cars Range Rover. On the Internet there are many photos, as Yushchenko comes out of these cars during trips to the regions - for example, or in the Crimea Zaporozhye. On the machine usually put numbers cover, where the first letters match series field.  Yushchenko is on a jeep with numbers umbrellaYushchenko in Zaporozhye to "Range Rover"Accordingly, after the election when Yushchenko Yanukovych resigned, the remaining machines recorded by the State Department spravmy depot.And so a half months ago, in late December journalist "Ukrainian Truth" drew attention to the Range Rover car with blue and red flashing majachkami the grille. The machine was in Parliament, where at that time was a sessional meeting of the parliament.A few weeks later, in the middle of January again found the car parked in the Parliament. License plate number AA 0518 AA vkazuv machines belonging to the State Administrative Departments - that the presidential administration.So, there could be no doubt - this machine Yushchenko. Who goes out of it?As it turned out, the car, which served third president, today, enjoys ... youngest son of President of Ukraine Victor Yanukovych.The photo, taken in January 2011, shows how Yanukovych Junior session after meeting the former president sat in the car. Yanukovych Jr. with a guard out of parliament ... ... And sit in the jeep YushchenkoSon of the President - the president's car!Victor Yanukovych Siren on the car presidential Infanta vyhladaly especially egregious given that the inconvenience created Yanukovych, his senior movement in Kyiv. So, "Ukrainian Truth" launched an investigation.It turned out that Yanukovych Junior myhalkamy used illegally."Ukrainian Truth" received a reply from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which confirms the car Range Rover AA 0518 AA, which was seen son Yanukovych, really belongs to the enterprises' motor depot of the State Administration.Permission to use them in myhalkamy ending 9 September last year, while made "Ukrainian Pravda pictures dated December 2010 - January 2011. We tried to figure out who and why this car has allocated son Yanukovych.More January 13 "Ukrainian Truth" addressed to the head of Andriy Kravets SAD and the head of presidential administration Sergei Levochkina asking the grounds on which Yanukovych Junior machine uses convoy of the former president. No reply had been received.But when a month later we asked the same Yanukovych Junior, he said that "rented" Range Rover vehicle specified in the State Administration.During a meeting with journalists, "Ukrainian Truth" Yanukovych did not allow perefotohrafuvaty hiring contract, but only showed it. Under the agreement, one hour operating costs UAH 200, and for the rental car during August and September 2010, he paid 8000 USD, and during October-December 2010 - 14 thousand.No wonder why Yanukovych did not appeal to some of rental agencies in Kyiv, and decided to take the car in SAD. After all, renting a car costs 200 dollars (1600 USD) per day, while SAD receives monthly lease 4-4,5 thousand USD. At the request of "Ukrainian Truth" son of the president also showed his income declaration. This is another interesting document. For example, according to financial statements, property Yanukovych, Jr. is a flat area of 380 square meters, but no savings. According to the declaration, in 2009 he received less than one thousand UAH dividend pay USD 182 000 MP 34 000 and material aid from the state. Yanukovych's wife earned 9000 USD for the entire year 2009.Rent-based SAD"Ukrainian Truth" visited the State Enterprise "State Administration of the motor depot" that gave the car son Yanukovych. Located on the street it Petrovsky, between skirts and Lviv area.Motor depot SAD  News of what is now rent cars to individuals, to "the State Administration motor depot" was met with surprise."According to the regulations of our company, our goal is to provide transport heads of state and SAD. Giving cars to individuals - it is not our function" - told the company."In practice, over the years that I work here, we have no one rental car, not given. We give in rent to the Constitutional Court, the National Institute of memory, in public institutions financed from the budget. We have a position on the enterprise, which we follow. And in the position of the company not providing delivery of vehicles to natural persons ", - the interlocutor of" Ukrainian Pravda, whose name we do not call, not to create problems to this man. (Audio recording conversations with this person is stored in the wording.)We certainly do not want to believe in what the lease agreement with Yanukovych's son was made retroactively to justify the use of the vehicle in front of reporters.Therefore, rental cars Yushchenko Yanukovych son creates an interesting precedent. As per the Constitution all citizens of Ukraine are equal, but now anyone can take a rented car with a presidential motorcade.In this regard, we invite readers to actively address the state of affairs in order to make rental car, which drives the president of Ukraine. They will be the real decoration of your wedding or other celebration - and that will tell children.The author of these lines have already sent an official proposal to the State director of "Administration of the State motor depot" Vladimir Nagorny put us in one of the rental car representative SAD - we'll use it at the next corporate "Ukrainian Truth".
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