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Warsaw condemn Naftogaz?
Speaking about the possible causes of the conflict, the Ukrainian expert did not rule out the presence of mercantile interest management supply company, which, apparently, wants to see the contract to increase the price of supplies from Ukraine. "Photo by Michael MarkivaPolscha forward as soon as possible to solve the problem of Ukrainian gas supplies to its territory through distribution points near Hrubeshiva be stopped January 1, 2011 on the initiative "Naftogaz Ukraine".Kyiv motivated his decision to change domestic law, under which the gas produced in Ukraine should go only to the domestic market and its exports, including to Poland, is prohibited.Although the supply of gas for this pipeline were minor and did not exceed 0,6% of consumption in the country, the Polish Oil and Gas Company PGNiG fundamentally disagrees with the arguments of Kyiv.The company reminded that contract, which defined the terms of gas supplies was signed in 2004, and applies it to 2020. In Warsaw hint: despite the small scale of the problem, the situation is harmful to good relations.However, to arbitration are not neighbors - hope for a positive decision. "We believe that will solve all issues in a way that agreement, which should last until 2020, was implemented", - the announcement of the companyPGNiG .Under the agreement, PGNiG and Naftogaz a joint venture Davon , which have use in Sakhalin gas fields in the Kharkov region. SP was supposed to supply fuel adjacent to the Ukrainian border region of Poland.The contract provided that all extracted Davon Polish gas will go to consumers - directly or by substitution. To do this, even laid a separate branch of the pipeline.In 2009, Yulia Tymoshenko's government suddenly stopped working permit for the Polish-Ukrainian joint venture and license to use and develop the Sakhalin field ended up in the hands of newly established private company"Ukrnaftoburinnya.It was considered an indirect owner Nikolai Zlochevskyy, then chairman of the State Committee. Repeatedcomplaints Polish party government ignored.However, after the presidential elections, Viktor Yanukovych, Azarov No, not the new head of Naftogaz Eugene Bakulin not renewed cooperation in gas sphere.So, one of the few real-Polish-Ukrainian economic cooperation is stalled. Neighbors say that during the downtime interstate SP could extract 102 million cubic meters of gas and pay to the state budget 94 million USD.Currently at issue appeared the fate of Polish investments in the JV in the tens of millions of dollars. While permission for mining of gas still in the hands of the same "Ukrnaftoburinnya" and Zlochevskyy suddenly appeared in government as Minister Azarov ecology.Among Polish specialists thought about the prospects of the situation are reduced to one. Thus, the expert from the Institute Tomas Hmal Sobieski convinced that Naftogaz must meet the conditions of the contract. Changing legislation in Ukraine does not affect the relationship between the companies, he said."When you change the laws continue to apply the agreement. If someone has committed to supply gas, but the law changed, it must buy fuel elsewhere. This agreement to supply gas in general, not specific sources" - says the expert. The most likely scenario of events he has made in court.Another Polish expert Andrzej Schensnyak, calls the behavior "Naftogaz" unfriendly. However, hardly comes to trial as the issue price is too small to spoil good relations."Politicians do not agree to this. They debate about this, but I think that without any results," - he said.The expert added that Warsaw, for example, appealed to the court even in the case of suspension of gas supplies from RosUkrEnergo, where the volume of gas was much higher - 2,5 billion cubic meters a year.NAC also arguments about changing the laws, no other explanation makes. According to the Director of Energy Programs Center Nomos "Mikhail Gonchar, a reference to the new law does not hold water in terms of common law."From a legal point of view, Ukraine's position seems unreasonable. When it comes to arbitration, it threatens the hundred-percent loss" - he says.Of course, the pipeline Ustilug-Hrubeshiv "is a local project designed to supply in some eastern areas of Poland.However, it was implemented at the national gas monopoly Ukraine and Poland, said Gonchar.After signing in 2004, Poles started to invest in the continuation of this thread to Zosina. They figured that after 2010 the supply of gas through this pipeline will increase to 170 million cubic meters a year.Now that Naftogaz stopped fuel supply, the Poles will be forced not only to redistribute gas flows within the country, which requires additional expenditure, but also lose invested in investment.Speaking about the possible causes of the conflict, the Ukrainian expert did not rule out the presence of mercantile interest management supply company, which, apparently, wants to see the contract to increase the price of supplies from Ukraine. "Another option, according to experts, can be a proposal to include in the scheme of gas transport in Poland, a private company to act in the interests of one of the representatives of Ukrainian business circles close to the market.However all the experts in one voice insist that contracts to supply gas to always include the procedure for negotiations.

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