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Europe overcomes monopoly Gazprom?
"If Gazprom has a" northern "and" South "flows and control of Ukraine's GTS, it will be ideal for manipulating the system. If the" Nabucco "will be uncontrolled Gazprom gas, Europe is not play by the rules of the Kremlin and the laws market.Photo zimbio.comRozrobka concept of the EU energy sector and its content of specific projects has recently become one of the most important directions of the main institutions of the European Union.It is devoted to this topic European Council, which in official circles in Brussels received the unofficial name "Energy EU summit. This event, scheduled for February 4, could be a landmark event for the European Union.For Brussels reached a defining moment when you need to make important decisions on investing in large-scale projects aimed at diversifying energy supplies, development of internal infrastructure, development of cooperation between EU member states in the energy sector.Equally important, this is a historic step for Ukraine, which currently plays a key role in transporting gas to the European Union.Lack of unityIt was learned from official sources , the greatest attention of the European Council focuses on the need for further action on the internal EU energy market by 2014, infrastructure development, involving innovative solutions for renewable energy.Equally important as security of supply.Holding such a meeting of heads of state and government of EU member states is aimed primarily at finding solutions to the consolidated issues.According to many experts, the lack of a common position prevents the EU to implement the concept of a common energy policy and get rid of dependence on imported energy, particularly from the monopoly of Gazprom.Note that in this lies the main reason and "dispersion forces" of the European community around important for the EU Nabucco project - everything from investment to build a pipeline and completing negotiations with potential suppliers of gas.However, recent steps by the official in Brussels this area showed the seriousness of the EU. It is the unprecedented visit of European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso and EU Commissioner for Energy Gunter Ettinhera to Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan, which was held in January 2011.In this regard, Vice-President of the European Commission Marosh Shevkovych noted that the success in Baku and Ashgabat agreements require "deep discussions", as described on the external dimension of energy policy and EU security.Furthermore, important changes can be called before the summit meeting of heads of governments of several EU countries, which have to determine their participation in the project gas corridor North-South .This project aims to reduce dependency, especially the eastern EU countries that are 70-100% dependent on Russian gas - Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria and some Balkan states.EU interestVisit of José Manuel Barroso and Günter Ettinhera to the Caspian region was a response to "positive signals Turkmenistan on gas supplies for Nabucco and the recent request of Azerbaijan to clarify the terms of this commercial project, says expert The Jamestown Foundation Vladimir Socor.In his opinion for the European Union is very important right now to determine the position of these countries' readiness to fill the pipeline, because the specific investment decisions with Nabucco should be adopted as early as the first half of 2011.The result of negotiations in Baku was signed by European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso and the head of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev a joint declaration to supply gas to Europe.Azerbaijan has committed itself to long-term supply of "significant volumes" of gas to the EU. European Commission, for its part, is ready to open access to Azeri gas to the European market.Equally important was the visit of Turkmen and European officials. During talks with President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov head of the European Commission said that EU is ready to buy Turkmen gas at the border and offers the opportunities for development and mining.At the meetings in Baku and Ashgabat was about filling the South Corridor, which covers the gas pipeline project Nabucco, Turkey-Greece-Italy - ITGI , Transadriatychnyy pipeline - TAP , "White Stream" gas pipeline Trans Caspian, Iranian and Iraqi connectors for energy transport to Europe.However, the base in this context is the Nabucco as the most prepared for further implementation and aims to become a successful pilot project the European Commission within the concept of a unified EU energy policy,energy programs convinced director of the Kiev Center Nomos Mikhail Gonchar.Obviously, the main subject of interest of the European parties in Azerbaijan is to develop offshore gas condensate field Shah Deniz gas to fill a promising pipeline Nabucco.After 2016-2017, when the second phase will begin development of the deposit, the volume of production is planned to bring 16 billion cubic meters per year.Equally of interest for the EU and prospects for filling the Nabucco Turkmen energy.President Berdimuhamedov has in 2010 announced its readiness to supply 40 billion cubic meters of gas for the Trans-Caspian pipeline with the prospect of filling Nabucco, using the field "Iolotan South and South Osman" in the east and offshore Turkmenistan.However, untreated remains the development of Trans-Caspian gas pipeline - the main link which will submit to the Turkmen energy Nabucco through the southern Caucasus.It should be noted that the Commission is looking promising field parallel to fill the pipeline "Southern Corridor", including Nabucco. It considered the most promising fields in Kurdish northern Iraq.Solving the problem of finding sources could be Iranian use of resources, but given the political situation around the country and the U.S. position on Iran, the issue is difficult. In the distant future perspective for the European pipelines may also be gas from Egyptian fields.Position of RussiaAlmost immediately after the visit of officials of the European Commission to Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan Russian publication Kommersant reported that Russia allegedly entered into an agreement with Baku to "use the full export potential of the Caspian fields, leaving no resources for the European project Nabucco.The material, in particular, affirming that Russia will increase the purchase of gas in Azerbaijan in 2,5 times in 2011 and to 16 billion cubic meters per year in 2030. After signing a joint declaration with the supply of Azeri gas to Europe, the news looked sensational, so it seized on Russian and European media.However, Gonchar explained, this case fits in almost axiomatic behavior of the Russian side: do ado about nothing. In the statement , Gazprom said only purchase 2 billion cubic meters in 2011, the rest - the elements of an information campaign.Azerbaijan will not tie into long-term contracts, as the situation at the current gas market in two or three years can dramatically change, said Ukrainian expert.Opposition from Moscow, believes Gonchar, occurred because the Nabucco destroys Russian strategy to establish a mechanism for manipulation of transnational trends, flows and prices of the exported gas."If Gazprom will have the Nord Stream and South Stream, and the existing gas pipeline" Yamal-Europe and 50% in Xabi Baumgarten add another GTS and control over Ukraine, it will be ideal for manipulating the system "- says expert .If the Nabucco gas resources will, uncontrolled Gazprom, European customers can not play by the rules of the Kremlin and the laws of the competitive market, confident Gonchar.Ukrainian potentialThe situation is characterized by mixed European energy market prospects for Ukraine has another characteristic - the transience.Obviously, the national gas transportation system as the main way of transportation of gas to Europe sooner or later be replaced by the newly-built pipeline bypassing Ukraine. Thus, Kyiv seeks to actively strengthen its position on EU energy market.In particular, the Ukrainian side constantly stresses the need for investment in a gas recovery sector of Ukraine.Europe also is interested in cooperating with Ukraine in the gas transmission sector.In particular, the Hungarian ambassador in Kyiv Beyer Mihal, outlining the prospects of his country's presidency of the EU, said: "Issues of restoration of the Ukrainian gas transport system - is very evident interest in the European Union. We want to Ukraine was not only a reliable partner, but that we also had an uninterrupted supply" .However, according to the diplomat, it does not mean that the EU will provide funds to complete modernization of the GTS, because Ukraine has a suitable environment to attract investors, "the problem is creating a favorable business climate."Another area in which the Ukrainian government focus, - diversification of energy sources through the production of shale gas .To this end, during the World Economic Forum in Davos, the possibilities of cooperation between Ukraine and the British-Netherlands concern Shell exploration and production of such gas on the verge of Kharkiv and Donetsk regions.As part of the forum also signed a memorandum between the Cabinet and the Government of Azerbaijan on cooperation in supplying liquefied gas to Ukraine.However, the presence of these additional resources will not solve the problem of loading of the Ukrainian GTS in the case of construction detours gas.Piping system is designed for a certain pressure, which provide transit volumes of fuel. Without this can cause problems with feeding of the gas in some eastern regions of Ukraine and the EU through the Ukrainian-Slovak border.Instead it unleashes the Russian gas monopoly to artificially manipulate, especially the Ukrainian gas market.And this is an issue of energy security, which requires the attention of Ukrainian society. 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