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Credits: rubles instead of dollars?
More and more frequently heard: the dollar weakens. However, it is still expensive and the hryvnia, and for the Rouble. He was both a means and savings accounts for individuals, companies and states. Against this background, the Russian ruble in Ukraine does not shine.Photos flickr.comMspeakers for issuing foreign currency loansformally charged, but it hardly affected the amount of loans in euros and dollars. Current market conditions do not allow to issue loans as massive as it was before 2008.The fact that the importation of currency into the country as loans from Western banks and investment remains low. Even the Ukrainian banks - the daughter of Europe - in no hurry to fill the market for currency lending - consumer loans and mortgages. They say bankers, risks still too high.And the price of obtaining loan quite a bit: Down payment - 50% large bids. Banks understand that the lack of foreign exchange income borrowers increases the chances of loan defaults. Buying currency rate for the debt also risky, because at the first jump course will lead to serious consequences.But Ukraine feature is that it is a neighbor of Russia, which seeks a significant part of exports. Given also the "friendship of peoples" that allegedly resurrected with the coming to power of Viktor Yanukovych, the currency lending could well become the ruble. Such ideas are already working, but if the ruble will become popular?Who is the rubleEnd of 2010, the Ukrainian daughter Sberbank of Russia "announced lending in rubles. Rates on mortgages, in particular, is 14-15% per annum, against 15-20% in the rate is quite attractive. And considering that mortgage dollar cost 12-13%, the ruble seems pretty competitive.However, Sberbank of Russia "credits to customers only in Kiev and the region. But he started doing it when management Bank officially of the opinion that the foreign currency loans - is detrimental to the current economy. This general attitude toward the ruble can be characterized as: it, like, not currency.Another bank that would promote lending in rubles, VTB is Russia. Overall, banks in Ukraine's Russian-origin ten.In the ruble is a advantage. Although he is prone to fluctuations in exchange rates against the dollar and euro, the dollar "dances" in unison to the hryvnia. According to bankers, the last two years on the ruble rate fluctuated within 20%, as against U.S. - 100%.However, there are several reasons that will replace the ruble and the euro dollar.According to the Association of Ukrainian Banks, to 2006 in Ukraine are not released due loans of the Russian capital by Russian banks. The trend changed only with the advent of Ukraine several Russian financial institutions.But against the background of Western and Ukrainian Russian capital took a small portion. In 2009-2010, the ratio of other foreign credit to the Russian capital in Ukraine was five to one.However, it should be noted that the growth of ruble lending has increased in particular during the crisis. But now lets ruble positions - increasing its share has slowed.Bank credits the origin of their capital Consequently, foreign currency loans Russian banks issued less than other foreign institutions.Loans in foreign currency The volume of lending to individuals by Western and Ukrainian banks in 2010 fell, Russian - have grown slightly, but remain quite insignificant against others. Value is crediting citizens western and Russian banks is nearly seventeen to one.Loans to individuals Who needs rubleCurrently there are no prerequisites to becoming a significant alternative to the ruble in dollar-denominated loans also through the extremely tiny fraction of rubles in gold reserves of National Bank. The structure of its reserves, approximately as follows: 60% - U.S., 20% - the euro, the rest - Swiss Franc, and a few currencies.In addition, Ukrainian and Russian business partners continue to enter into agreements in which the currency of payment and penalties specified dollar. By the way, Ukraine buys Russian gas, too, not rubles, and for dollars.So do all of the company. In addition, Ukrainian income in dollars - a phenomenon common and salaries in rubles - single.More and more frequently heard: the dollar weakens. However, it is still expensive and the hryvnia, and for the Rouble. In addition, he has been and remains a means of savings and payments to individuals, companies and states. Against this background, the Russian ruble in Ukraine does not shine.
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