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The Western media: a hundred days before the collapse of Ukraine
In January 2010, Ukraine's presidential elections. It is said that a serious conflict may occur, which under certain circumstances lead to the disintegration of the country.

In January 2010, Ukraine's presidential elections. It is said that a serious conflict may occur, which under certain circumstances lead to the disintegration of the country, writes «Reflex» (Czech Republic). 

An attempt to steal the last presidential election in late 2004 has led to the so-called "Orange Revolution". Her main characters, the current President Viktor Yushchenko and current Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, now a cat and dog. Yuliya is now considered a leader, and her main rival will once again be "rogue" "Orange Revolution, Viktor Yanukovych, although his chances of winning are almost zero. 

"Cold" War 

Ukraine, in addition to energy dependence on Russia, it is necessary to continue to somehow cope with the separation of pro-western and west-conscious and pro-Russia and Russified east and south-east. In a few countries, the main political movements are separated geographically. 

The political map of the country is prominently displayed: the last parliamentary election in 2007 on the east and south of Ukraine won a resounding victory for the Party of Regions Yanukovych (a record number of votes, 76%, the party won in the Donetsk region), and in the west and center of Leader Block Yulia Tymoshenko (BYT), he won and in some western regions, where until then dominated by the "Our Ukraine" Yushchenko said. Because of the territorial division of political camps, "orange" and "blue", the society is in a hidden "cold" civil war, which, of course, can strengthen separatist tendencies. 

In fact, there are two of Ukraine - oriented to the west, antirossiyskaya, truly and Ukrainian national, agricultural and Russianized western Ukraine, Ukrainian, and not as national, industrial eastern Ukraine. Center of the country's economy is on the east, on the territory of Donbas. East among others rejected the idea of creating a modern Ukrainian nation, different from the Russian people, whose roots are in Kievan Rus. 

Two of the nation? 

Nation (nationality), statehood and democratization is closely linked to each other. If not enough of a link, it interferes with the other two. Nation without its own state threat of assimilation, the state without a nation or a multinational state with the administration, imperial or ideological "idea" is, or raison d'etre ( "raison d'être" in the words of Palacky: "If it were not for Austria:"), or natural authority from below (legitimacy). Or both, and more. And the dictatorship of any nation, at least strangling, killing her creative potential. Democratization, in turn, gives the individual more opportunities to individuals, as well as the right to form a collective entity that is aware of itself. This awareness is through language and writing, that is, with one (single) language. Literary language, living or resurrected. 

Ukraine is not sorted out with any of these three pillars - with any nation, nor with the state, nor with democratization. Or, at best, to understand only in part. National identity is still not formed, even in the west. The division into east and west and reinforce religious differences between the Greek Catholics and Orthodox, with the dominant orthodoxy is no unity in the issue of subordination of the Moscow Patriarchate. Statehood threatens actual cultural and linguistic division pro-east, as well as the still controversial status of Crimea. 

Ukrainian Obama 

Country is to everything else is shaking the economic crisis, and citizens - the fears and distrust of the huge current ruling elite. It may also affect the Yulia Tymoshenko's ambitions to become president. 

In the back Tymoshenko breathes Arseniy Yatsenyuk, "Ukrainian Obama." He was only 35 years old, but he already had a lot: he was first deputy chairman of the National Bank of Ukraine, Minister of Economy, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Chairman of the Parliament. Yatsenyuk long been at the presidential camp, but then decided to become independent and establish their own political associations. 

Yulia Tymoshenko has long ceased to be the "orange princess", she was much more willingly serve the interests of Russia. She realized that it was impossible to be in constant conflict with Moscow, and that if she wants to win the presidential election, she had to gain points and in the east. 

Ukraine is waiting for a hot political autumn. The country will continue to bear the burden of the above duality. However, in our geopolitical interests that Ukraine is an independent state, as can be less dependent on Russia. As with the 90-ies said Zbigniew Brzezinski (and not only), on the position of Ukraine depends on the position of imperial Russia.
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