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Scenarios for Yushchenko: escape, shooting and rod into the Leto
What should be done to Viktor Yushchenko, to remain the absolute master of the country? Right: to disrupt the presidential election. And to make it fairly simple - uncomplicated by human manipulation.After all, remember the two of Stalin's utter genius

What should be done to Viktor Yushchenko, to remain the absolute master of the country? Right: to disrupt the presidential election. And to make it fairly simple - uncomplicated by human manipulation. After all, remember the two geniuses of Stalin's dictum: "The winner is not the one for whom to vote, and the one for whom counting the votes" and "Cadres decide everything!"

Step One. Viktor Yushchenko agrees with Viktor Yanukovich on joint action for the recognition of the current Parliament as illegitimate. Yushchenko dissolve Rada can not - the Constitution clearly states: six months before the presidential election - no, no! But if you try, then by the Constitutional Court (where people are people, plus the president of the Party of Regions have numerical superiority) could be a resolution, under which the current Verkhovna Rada is not the coalition, and thus the Parliament itself - is illegitimate. 

What happens in this case the president? A huge number of trump cards. The government "suspended" and there will be no budget. This means that Tymoshenko will have to say goodbye to the idea of raising social standards, forget about the payment of pensions and wages - not to mention the payment of "Julin thousands of" investors Oshchadbanka. Premier would like to remain prime minister - but bound hand and foot, without the authority and capabilities. And if we leave in the "voluntary" resignation of the minister "Our Ukraine", it generally will not be the government, a parody of the government - continuous "donkeys Io. And then what will the slogan "Vona працює?". 

Another positive - in terms of Yushchenko - the moment. We have already written in the last issue of "Left Bank", which ends Jan. 23-year term of the current president and he must convey to the acting. That is - the Constitution - the speaker of the Verkhovna Rada. If Parliament is not empowered, then delegate authority to no one. Yushchenko remains a "democratically elected president" for an indefinite period. 

Note: The Verkhovna Rada declared to be dissolved. It is judicially recognized as illegitimate. Dissolved Parliament may meet and work to gain office by members of the next convocation, elected in early elections.And illegitimate Verkhovna Rada can not take any decisions. It is simply no! Nonsense? We may all! Even the usurpation of power! 

In these circumstances, the election campaign starts. It takes the first round. Starts counting. Suddenly, half the members of the Central Election Commission collected a press conference and declare: to exert pressure on us, we can not work under such conditions, we are tired, we're leaving. CEC also becomes illegitimate. Announce the winners of the first round and to appoint a second just nobody! Rada something does not work. This is all happening against the backdrop of the information wave, caught by some "independent political analyst" with a registration on Bankova polling firm, conducted the "independent exit polls" (by the way, even now some sociological office for the "right" exit polls offer contracts of $ 500 thousands of American hryvnia), public organizations, whose leaders went to work in the Secretariat of the President. The information space will be replete with messages about how "with Julia Yanykom falsified elections. Sociologists together show, as a result of exit polls incumbent president confident for the second round. A CEC will record the result of the guarantor of the Constitution following the electoral plinth. Forgery!

How do you picture? The people in confusion. At Maidan, no one will - no more, were already in circulation, a more happened. Angry - according to pro-presidential expert - should lead to the fact that people simply shakes his hand and say: "It would be better Yushchenko is" ... the President in this situation will eat a lemon - not to show the joy of what is happening - and will make a televised address. "The people miy! - Says the president. - Since I started so hot, then take me, my dear young Ukrainians, all the power in their hands. Not for personal gain, but tokmo who sent his wife's name ... and her friends overseas. And therefore I declare that we need the Constituent Assembly. Constitutional Assembly that is to say. It must approve the Constitution of Ukraine, on which we live, learn and fight. And then choose yourself and a new parliament and new president and new mayors. All choose. And an era of universal democracy. And while the power passes into the hands of the Provisional Government ... Led by Vera Ivanovna ... ". 
The draft constitution in October, will be submitted for public discussion, and yet people will think that this is such a presidential election stunt, a sort of spin doctors - his entourage will treat Filkin literacy seriously. But afterwards, on Tuesday, February 23 - the Day of Defender of the Fatherland and the birthday of Viktor Yushchenko - in Kiev, in a solemn atmosphere must meet the Constitutional Assembly from among the governors, Heroes of Ukraine, the best milkers and the metalworkers, as well as the small number of intellectuals. The Constitutional Assembly will adopt the Constitution of Ukraine (unanimously and without any objection), as well as announce the presidential, parliamentary and local elections May 30, 2010. Rebooting the authorities, so to speak. Country like updates? Obtain and sign it! Do not like it? So you and not pleasing ... 

In the interim president of anarchy ruling the country by the National Security Council - this gives him an excuse to say that he had not usurped power, and save the country from chaos, in which Ukraine plunged politicians egos. And the West, East and silent - they Ukraine has long spit. Suppose though throats peregryzut each other - the main thing that only gas is not stolen and does not apply for membership in NATO and the EU. 

It seems to be clear out the picture ... But there are two "buts". 

First, now there is a problem in order to agree with the Constitutional Court. Viktor Yanukovych as it is not against (him, according to our information, are prepared to guarantee one of the important government posts). But the Constitutional Court judges, ostensibly oriented OS, controls not Viktor, and Rinat Akhmetov.And on this occasion - allegedly - in recent years in Mr. Yanukovich and Mr. Akhmetov there was a sharp conflict. Akhmetov does not want to share their resources in the COP! He had already with Yulia Tymoshenko agree on neutrality and nonaggression. So in the near future because of the position Akhmetov's plan could be derailed. 

Secondly, Yulia Tymoshenko will not convene Maidan. Any attempt to disrupt the elections will lead to one thing: Tymoshenko will simply take power into their hands. Capturing the Secretariat of President, railway stations, bridges, telegraph, and banks. Winter of 1917 took hundreds of sailors - no massovok and without unnecessary noise. Given the fact that on the side Tymoshenko - the police, the neutrality of the SBU and the complete incapacity of the army (even the defense minister is absent), to take power in this country is not difficult. Especially if the current authorities will try to cheat. 

In that case, Yushchenko will be three scenarios for the future. 

The script first. "Ferdinand Marcos". President of the Philippines in 1986 due to election fraud declared himself the winner. This provoked a wave of civil disobedience. Marcos fled the country. Corazon Aquino became president - the widow of assassinated on the orders of Marcos opposition leader Benigno Aquino.Marcos lived in the United States and died in Hawaii in 1989. 

Scenario Two. "Nicolae Ceausescu". The leader of communist Romania in 1989 was going to force to crush a popular uprising after the current authorities tried to rig the elections to parliament. People do not just not scared - Ceausescu and his spouse were arrested and shot by sentence of emergency tribunal. 

Scenario Three. "Edward II». The English king with unconventional sexual proclivities (not only in good, but in a bad sense). Mercifully variety of favorites, such a medieval "favorite friends" that are deciding the power in the country on behalf of the king. Loved to dissolve parliament and call. It is the author of the treatise Modus tenendi parliamentum - that is, "How to convene parliament. This laziness of the king and his personal phlegm became a household word in medieval England. In 1325 quarreled with his wife Isabella, who appealed for help to France. The fighting ended in the Isabella took him prisoner. In prison he got a red-hot iron rod into the anus. And the king went to his Maker ... History, as a rule, teaches nothing. Although it warns. It is interesting to know whether the history of those around Yushchenko and pushes him to rash action?

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