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Home » 2009 » October » 6 » Address of Mujahideen to the residents of Ghalghaycho Province, and also to the Sufis and leaders of tariqas
Address of Mujahideen to the residents of Ghalghaycho Province, and also to the Sufis and leaders of tariqas

Praise be to Allah Who has created us Muslims, blessed us by an opportunity to do Jihad and enabled us to earn our path to Heaven.

May peace and blessings be upon the Leader of all Mujahideen, Prophet Muhammad, his family, his associates and all those who would follow him to the Judgment Day.

And then...


Brothers and sisters Muslims! Today disbelievers intimidate people that we plan to conduct explosions on markets, hospitals and other places where peaceful population is gathered, seizure of schools and other operations. We officially declare that we do not plan any operations in locations wherein peaceful Muslims may gather; it is a slander and propaganda of disbelievers. They plan closure of markets, conduct ""exercises" in the hospital, although they clearly know that these (methods counter-measure drills to which are being exercised - KC) are not the methods of Jihad implementation on the way of Allah, but their purpose is to compel a peaceful population to trust that we will do it. And there are very often some ignorant people that are ready to believe in this horrific lie. Disbelievers prepare the special information field by these rumors and slander for possible subsequent acts of terrorism from their side against the peaceful population of province. Russian disbelievers used similar tactic in many wars and conflicts.


We announce beforehand that the policy of killing Muslims was not and will not be conducted, especially one directed against children and schools.


You should not fear us conducting operations on the markets, in hospitals or in other places of accumulation of peaceful residents. The only stinkers who purposefully fight against peaceful Muslims are disbelievers or their apostate accomplices.


We also appeal to the school directors and teachers with warning. Recently we began receiving ever more complaints that schools' administration conducts anti-Islamic propaganda. We received information that teachers and directors of schools persecute girls for wearing hijab, forcefully assign boys to sit with girls at one school desk and perform a number of other anti-Islamic actions in several schools.


We declare upon receiving the information on any of these matters about specific persons among schools administration to take measures for their punishment up to and including the death penalty.


Also in case of teaching of the so-called "lessons of courage" invented by Yevkurov, where it is planned to defame Mujahideen and to adore the destroyed apostates, we will pass the sentence of death penalty on every teacher who will dare to conduct such propaganda.


We have already received the information about the insults of girls in a number of schools, and we will try to take every measure, by the will of Allah, to punish those guilty in case they will not end the enmity with a religion of Allah.


Address of Mujahideen of Ghalghaycho Province to the Sufis and leaders of tariqas.


The almighty Allah said in Koran: "...And hold fast, all of you together, to the Rope of Allah (i.e. this Quran), and be not divided among". And if we consider ourselves to be Muslims, so we should follow the words of Allah and resolve the differences in order to attain unity in a fight with sin.


We declare to all who consider themselves belonging to any tariqas (sects) and any teachings of ustazas (teachers), that we do not conduct war against them, no matter how much disbelievers and apostates are trying to make it look this way. They do all to turn us against each other to destroy us in intestine war.


We do not fight against Sufis and do not accuse them all of disbelief, we do not generally consider them as polytheists, except those who assign and claim the properties and attributes of Allah to their sheikhs, considering that a man may be similar to Allah. All which disbelievers slander about us to you falls short of to reality, we are not enemies, and quarrel only with those who quarrel with Allah and violate His laws.


Our primary task is to free our land from Russian and Ossetin disbelievers and to set the law of Allah on this earth, the law which He prescribed to us in Koran and in the words of Prophet. We are not at war with people because their ustaz (teacher) is Kunta-Khadzhi or Batal-Khadzhi, we fight only against disbelievers and their accomplices disregarding their position in society and status.


This war against Russia was started by our ancestors, because the crimes and tortures of our people committed by Russian disbelievers were countless. They were those who evicted Chechen and Ingush nationals in 1944 when of transporting the people in cattle wagons at least one quarter of nation perished.


And all of these were done by the same Russia; in tsar's time they confiscated the land for Ossetia nationals and burned the whole villages. USSR almost completely destroyed our people by deportation, and the present Russia brought their tanks in 1992 in Prigorodnyy so that Ossetia nationals could quietly kill, rob and rape under the supervision of Russian disbelievers.


There is none among us who would hate or curse those, who at one time became the driving force behind the spread of Islam in Caucasus, among them - many ustazas (teachers) whom Sufis took their teachings from. Many of them not simply called for Jihad, but also participated in it by their souls and property.


We know that Kunta-Khadzhi called to rise as one nation and to die if your women would be corrupted and converted into the same kind of women that Russian disbelievers have. And today we witness it by our own eyes, when Russians, dissatisfied by occupation of lands of Islam began to impose their way of life on our men and women.


Sheikh Deni Arsanov gave a death oath and with the group of murids (Sufi term meaning 'committed one' - KC) - Mujahideen attacked the building of NKVD (The People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs - the public and secret police organization of the Soviet Union that directly executed the rule of terror, including political repression, during the Stalinist era - KC), where he became Martyr. Batal-Khadzhi called to conduct Jihad against Russia till the very end of his life, enduring a lot of tests for his words and actions.


Once many Sufis were helping abreks-Mujahideen, not handing them to the authorities of disbelievers, although they were deported in whole villages with their houses destroyed as a consequence of this help.


Therefore we call all Muslims not to be influenced by propaganda of disbelievers and not to believe lies and myths about us, which are being spread. We are not going to fight against you now, all the more so after the victory, when the law of Allah will be set on this earth. We must consolidate our forces in a fight against the occupation regime of Russia; we are Muslims and our aim must be the same - to live according to Shariah, because this was ordered by Allah the most High to us.


We call you to return to Koran and Sunnah of Prophet, because Allah said: "... Аnd if you would be in disagreement in something, then return to (the teaching of) Allah and His Messenger".  And all scholars of Islam were unanimous in that returning to Allah and His Messenger is the call to live according to Koran and Sunnah, as it is the only thing we should live according to.


Allah said in Koran: «If you help (in the cause of) Allah, He will help you, and make your foothold firm». If we would unite the forces on the way of Allah together today, then He will certainly grant the victory, because He said: «And We have already written in the book [of Psalms] after the [previous] mention that the land [of Paradise] is inherited by My righteous servants».


Apostates and disbelievers try to unleash hatred between us today, disdaining no methods, even putting Esmurziyev Musa to death to accuse us in murdering him later on. When they failed to do this, Yevkurov started using any methods of setting us to fight with each other, but his policy did not yield substantial results so far.


Our appeal to you holds good, and although we are convinced that there are a number of errors in Sufis' teachings and in innovations introduced to Islam, it does not give us right to kill Muslims according to Shariah. And only those who openly stand against us and turn people against Mujahideen and against establishment of Word of Allah, only those would we consider our enemies, and will fight against them by all means available to us.


Therefore let us come to the mutual understanding and, leaving recriminations, to begin working on the way of Allah to earn His satisfaction.


Information-analytical department of staff of Armed Forces of Province Ghalghaycho
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